Laser welding machine for the production of welded plate heat exchangers

About us

GESMEX is a medium-sized manufacturing company in the field of compact heat exchangers for industrial applications.

Since being established in 2007, we first developed welding methods for the production of plate heat exchangers of the highest quality and we built up a manufacturing operation.

At our site in Schwerin, the state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV), in the environment to renowned shipyards and universities, we have found the ideal conditions for the implementation our investment projects.

The construction phase of GESMEX was followed with a great deal of interest and support by local and state politicians.

The Minister for Economics (MV) Harry Glawe and the member of the Bundestag Dietrich Monstadt visit GESMEX (2012)

Today GESMEX is a modern industrial company with competent designers of pressure vessels, welders and welding engineers, experts in thermodynamics, project engineers and experienced quality and inspection personnel.

The focus of our activities is on developing thermal and process engineering solutions with plate heat exchangers, which operate as heaters and coolers, evaporators or condensers.

For optimal delivery and service offerings we cooperate with competent and reliable distributors and manufacturers worldwide.

A few years after the foundation of the company, GESMEX heat exchangers are worldwide present in plants of the chemical industry, in power plants, in the oil and gas industry, in heating and cooling systems.

Training for customers and sales partners

Large plant operators in the processing industry, specialized contractors and regional distributors use GESMEX heat exchangers regularly in their projects. Among our global acting customers are well-known companies such as BASF, Wacker, Evonik, Gassco, GDF SUEZ, LANXESS, Linde, Sasol, LUKOIL.

The trust and confidence given to our company motivates us to strengthen our competencies and offerings further.



XPS – Plate & Shell heat exchangers are highly suitable for heat transfer between liquids and gases or for evaporation and condensation duties. The gasket-free and cylindrical design allows operating pressures from full vacuum to 400bar and temperatures ranging from -200 to 500°C.


XPT – Thermoplate heat exchangers can handle dirty media and show low pressure drop even with high volume flows. The all welded plate-pairs are used from vacuum to 60 bar and from -200 to 800 °C.