We are calculating size and plate number of XPS or XPT heat exchangers according to your thermal and mechanical specifications.

GESMEX Plate and Shell heat exchangers are calculated for one-phase and two-phase duties. More complicated calculations are also possible if fluid properties are available. For example condensation of multicomponent mixtures and heat transfer to supercritical fluids.

Fluid properties of refrigerants and simple Hydrocarbons are calculated with Refprop, a fluid properties calcualtion software from "National Institute of Standards and Technology" (NIST). Properties of customer products or special fluids must be provided within the thermal specification.

The core of our calculation software is a company development and is subject to continous improvements. After all calculations and optimisations are done a datasheet is printed which shows all important properties of the unit.

Web calculation

GESMEX provides an online calculation program for Plate & Shell – heat exchangers. Calculate the size of plate pack for your thermal duty and test different cases.

This service is only for industrial customers. You have to register before you can use the software.

The software is currently offline. We are about to lunch a new Calculation program.

Registering for the new program is still possible.



XPS – Plate & Shell heat exchangers are highly suitable for heat transfer between liquids and gases or for evaporation and condensation duties. The gasket-free and cylindrical design allows operating pressures from full vacuum to 400bar and temperatures ranging from -200 to 500°C.


XPT – Thermoplate heat exchangers can handle dirty media and show low pressure drop even with high volume flows. The all welded plate-pairs are used from vacuum to 60 bar and from -200 to 800 °C.